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Key Highlights for "The Monthly Forecast" Video
✔ Analysis of key markets like US, Hong Kong, China and of course Singapore.
✔ Key Factors to watch for the entire market.
✔ Sectors to avoid and potential sectors for more upside.
✔ Live chart analysis with simple entry and exit levels.
✔ Specific stock picks to keep in your watch list for more upside or downside potential.

BONUS IN ADDITION TO VIDEO: Long and short counters that Joey has in his watch list. (1 - 2 counters per week) on an ad hoc basis. This will be issued in an exclusive, private discussion group, with charts and a quick analysis which you can possibly put in your watch list as well.
Some of Joey's Top Trading Calls
Best World - Spotted on 23rd October 2018 - (54.6% Gain in 1 Month)
SIA Engineering - Spotted on 13th November 2018 - (9.7% Gain in 5 DAYS)
Here’s What Some of Joey's Students Are Saying:
Who Is Joey Choy?
Joey is Singapore’s renowned mentor on how to make an income by trading the stock market, an author and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed stock trading trainers in Singapore. Over the years, he has conducted numerous full house seminars, enriching thousands to trade more profitably. His signature program, Precision Trading Intensive, has taken the market by storm with rave reviews and strategies not seen elsewhere. 

Joey’s come back story from a S$740k debt has been featured in the Business Times and inspired thousands in Singapore. In less than 3 years, he is highly regarded as one of the Top Tier Remisiers (Stock Brokers) and Traders, bagging numerous yearly awards like Top CFD Specialist 2013, Top Account Growth Achievement and Top CFD Remisier 2014 and Top Trading Representative and Top CFD Achiever 2015, 2016 and 2017 in Phillip Securities.

Joey shares his views regularly at 938 LIVE and his blog has also been awarded the World’s Top 100 Stock Blog in 2017 by Feedspot. He is featured as one of the distinguished Market Watchers at Shares Investment and a Trainer at ShareInvestor Academy. Joey is one of the most widely followed stock broker and trainer on InvestingNote (Singapore’s first Social Trading platform), where he occasionally shares his views on the market and on specific counters. He had previously worked in Goldman Sachs equities team where he was mentored by some of the finest proprietary traders in the world.
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Special Black Friday Holiday Sale >> 25% OFF the Original Price of S$97/Month FOREVER, For the First 30 people, Ending 7 Dec 2018, 2359.
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